Our Mission

At MindCycle Events we have a very simple mission: to get as many employees as possible talking about mental health. In doing this we help normalise the conversation and break stigma. Here’s how we do it:

  • We use the bikes as the platform to spark conversation and create a fun and inclusive cycling challenge

  • The mental health and wellbeing theme is reinforced by keynote talks and other messaging

  • Our events encourage people to take part who may not attend a regular mental health awareness event

  • We highlight the benefits of exercise on mental wellbeing

  • We create a safe environment to talk with people riding side-by-side

  • We can also bring in sports personalities to generate interest in the event

  • The event is highly visible in the workplace by being located in your atrium or other space - creating impact

  • There will be a fundraising element to the challenge for our mental health charity partner and/or your charity partners

  • Hosting an event helps support the social enterprise, InsideOut

Only 16% of employees discussed a recent mental health problem with their line manager.
— BITC, Mental Health at Work, 2018

Our History

In 2018 the MindCycle Tour was set up by Rob Stephenson as a way of raising awareness around the stigma of mental health in the workplace and to raise fund for charity. In July of that year, Rob cycled the Tour de France route on a static trainer, each day the same as the pros, experiencing the same hills and the same pain. The reason? Rob experiences bipolar disorder and has been open about his experiences for some time. He is on a mission to help create mentally healthier workplaces.

The MindCycle Tour was sponsored by Deloitte and visited a number of workplaces including the Wellcome Trust, LandSec, Broadgate Estates and the o2 Arena, amongst others. Employees and the general public were welcome to join Rob on a segment and ride alongside him. The conversations, the support, the interest and connection made this so worthwhile.

Following the huge success of the MindCycle Tour and the great feedback from our host workplaces, MindCycle Events aims to build on that success and allow other organisations and employees to benefit too.

Check out the promo film from the MindCycle Tour, shot from “Up at the o2”.